Why Choose Us


Eradicating lice can be a confusing process. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation on how to properly remove lice. This is where Simple Lice Removal comes in!

There are 3 main reasons why you should choose Simple Lice Removal

1. Our simple, cost effective protocol is guaranteed to work if performed correctly. The same cannot be said for conventional chemical treatments. Chemical treatments have a high failure rate. Even the prescription XXXX only has a success rate of XX%. Nothing kills the eggs like many other products state. If that was true then all lice treatments would only consist of one treatment and lice wouldn’t be an epidemic. The Simple Lice Protocol does exactly as promised and will eradicate lice.


2. Lice have become resistant to the various chemicals in the conventional shampoos and over the counter treatments. In essence, this created “super lice.” The Simple Lice Removal protocol tackles ALL lice, even super lice. Lice will never become
resistant to the oil used in this protocol as it suffocates them naturally, not kills them through chemicals.


3. The chemicals used in conventional products can create or contribute to health problems, especially in children.
Conventional treatments contain pesticides and sadly are approved for children as young as two months old. In short, the various chemicals approved for use in these products are known neurotoxins and can cause noticeable behavior changes, seizures, and even death. These chemicals are also known to cause autoimmune diseases and even cancer. The Simple Lice Protocol relies on olive oil, a natural, 100% safe way to get rid of lice. No known health issues have resulted from the use of olive oil.